Here at Pizza Direct We sell a large range of Vestfrost products. Here are some examples of what Vestfrost products we have available; 1020mm Chestfreezer, 1260mm Chestfreezer, 1560mm Chestfreezer, 720mm Chestfreezer etc. Vestfrost have been in business since 1963. They are a global manufacturer of refrigerators and freezers their products are also know for creating the best refrigerators and freezers in the world. They are also made in Denmark and they come with a full 3 year warranty. Vestfrost SZ range are the best out there and they are the biggest freezer manufacturer in the whole of Europe. Their reputation keeps growing and growing as more people have trusted Vestfrost freezers as they are very reliable and they will last for years to come and they will give you good service. When Vestfrost create a product they always think of the commercial user and the sustainability of the environment before they create a product.


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